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Exhibition Comes to Seattle

Poetic Spaces Poster

Poetic Spaces: An Exhibition of Photographs and Poetry of the young living on the Margins of Calcutta

Venue: Odegaard Library, University of Washington
Dates: March 19 – April 30, 2007

Poetic Spaces — an photo essay of poetry and photographs of youth living on Calcutta’s social and economic margins — that Kalam created in the monsoon of 2004 is now on exhibit at University of Washington’s Odegaard Library.

This photo essay challenges the reductive language and imagery of associated with the ‘poor’ and ‘underprivileged’ youth of Calcutta. It seizes twenty adolescents living in two popularly stigmatized social spaces – a red-light area and a juvenile shelter home – unveiling their lives in daily moments of agency, resistence, and creativity as creative writers and cultural thinkers.

Poetic Spaces was first on exhibit at Seagull Arts and Media Resource Center in Kolkata, India in August 2005. It is now on exhibit in Seattle. It sponsored and supported by University of Washington’s South Asia Center of the Jackson School of International Studies, The Daywalka Foundation, and Kalam: Margins Write.