From Bowbazaar to Brussels

Rahool Goswami, an insightful and prolific writer, in Kalam’s Neighborhood Diaries program is on his way to Brussels this week for the Global Interdependence Youth Summit from September 9-13th.  Rising Voices, selected and sponsored Rahool to attend the youth summit in Belgium as a citizen journalist to represent Neighborhood Diaries, Kalam and his fellow peers. At the summit Rahool will  meet with other young people across the world to engage in dialogue on local and global issues effecting and shaping young peoples lives.

Rahool, college student, musician, poet, and aspiring journalist, grew up in a congested urban settlement in Bowbazaar. He’s known as Rahool-da (da for older brother) among young people in his neighborhood.  This trip is Rahool’s first adventure outside of India. As a passionate writer, keen observer, and critical thinker, we’re certain Rahul will bring richness to the Youth Summit.

Stay tuned for a report back from Rahool.


5 Responses to “From Bowbazaar to Brussels”

  1. 1 jogany September 16, 2008 at 9:29 pm

    Hi friends,
    it was a wonderful to watch Rahool’s trip through the eyes and the pictures of our Rising Voices envoyees.
    We hope he’d enjoy his time there.
    joan from FOKO

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