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Update about Thoughtshop

After a long interval, on 2nd may, Kalam facilitators and Rohit, our intern, met up with the young people’s group from Thoughtshop. We went through the scrapbooks they had designed, containing their introspective writings, maps and other artwork surounding their personal neighbourhoods. See the picture above for one such personal neighbourhood map which we used in the session to point out the difference between a geographical map as contrasted to one that reflects personal landmarks, important associations and favorite places in the neighbourhood.
The youth had designed their scrapbooks with a lot of care. All the writing and art created during the course of these 4 sessions had been appended, along with interesting snaps of neighbourhoods taken from an insider’s perspective. Where cameras were not available, they had made people and places come alive through drawings. When asked how they felt putting together these scrapbooks, they said that the same neighbourhoods that they had grown up in, that had felt small, unremarkable and not ever evoking any pride, had begun to expand for them in this process. There had also been a sense of “mine”, “my para”, “my people”. We felt happy. This was what we had set out to do, to increase critical and creative thinking about their paras, and to increase the sense of belonging and pride with it.