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Re-Writing Bow Bazaar

Its been seven weeks since Neighbourhood Diaries started its work in Bow Bazaar, a popularly known ‘slum’ and ‘red-light area’ in Central Calcutta. Through the weekly workshops faciliated by staff Urbi Bhaduri and Bina Dalui,  youth journalists from Bow Bazaar have written about neighbourhood landmarks, homes, community personalties, and thriving industries of their locale. These young teenagers, armed with writing pads and ‘Para Journalist’ I.D. cards, are asserting their identity as researchers and storytellers of their neighborhood and community to re-write Bow Bazaar as a multi-faceted neighbourhood.

To follow the weekly writing and photography by these young writers, visit our Neighbourhood Diaries blog.  Furthermore, for more context on Neighbourhood Diaries in context to other citizen media projects around the world, check out updates and features on Diaries by Rising Voices.

Diaires Workshop

Youth journalists engage in conversation at one of the Diaires workshops at Bow Bazaar Highschool.