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Neighbourhood Diaires Begins in Bow Bazaar

Neighbourhood Diairies – Kalam’s pilot citizen journalism program – started its 15-week workshop series this month.  This pilot program is underway with youth from Sanlaap in Bow Bazaar neighbourhood. Twelve young residents of Bow Bazaar ranging from the ages 14 to 18 meet every Monday at Bow Bazaar Highschool (rented out by Sanlaap as an evening community center) for a 2 hour workshop where neighborhood stories and culture are examined, discussed, and written by the young. 

Bow Bazaar Highschool 

In the coming weeks, we’ll continue to work in and through the neighbourhood as local journalists interviewing residents, observing and recording events, and listening and telling community stories. For weekly updates on Neighbourhood Diaries Bow Bazaar, visit our Diaries blog. Here you’ll find session plans, session assessments, workshop photographs, and writings from Diary Journalists.

Neigbourhood Diaires is a citizen writing program moblising young people living in ‘slums’ as citizen journalists to research, write and disseminate unrecognized and authentic community narratives in local and global media.  It is being funded by Rising Voices, the outreach wing of Global Voices.

posted by Sahar Romani