Glimpses from ‘Poetic Spaces’ at Odegaard Library

Poetic Spaces: An Exhibition of Photographs and Poetry of Youth In Calcutta was on exhibit at University of Washington’s Odegaard Library from March 19 – April 30th, 2007. Here is a glimpse from the exhibit, as well as, comments from visitors:

Poetic Spaces Exhibit

Visitors Comments:

“Wonderful Photography, beautiful prints. Thank you for such a beautiful show, and intimate look into another perspective, from another culture, ringing out with the humanity we share.” — KB

Beautifully presented. Poignant poems and photos. Lovely prose describing the placse of people and activities of their lives. Kalam’s work is so wonderful and valuable. Awesome. Thanks for bring it to us. “Every poem adds to the stock of our Realities” (Jane Hirshfield). We need to see these photographs and here these poems. — Anonymous

Odegaard Library

Second Floor, Odegaard Library

I was blown way by this exhibit! The way the artists are portrayed; the photography itself; and the way the exhibition is presented was really powerful and moving. I felt inspired and empowered to hope. Thank you. — Nitika

The poetry speaks the words that many times the photographs can not. But the photographs gives the poetry a reality, a soul, a place on this earth for its existence, because it has a face, a place… I think this is such a wonderful project that you have displayed here. The combination of photography and poetry can surely touch a person’s heart. — Suzanne

I really enjoyed the exhibit, as well as the way it was narrated. I am happy that you guys were so clearly thinking about issues of identity and voice. –Rowan

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  1. 1 Sahar May 7, 2007 at 7:58 am

    I’ve been trying to post more photographs but for some reason they are not being uploaded in the right orientation. Hopefully, if I can get through these technical difficulties, I will post some more photograph, particularly of the poem-exhibits.


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