Readings over Coffee: ASU and JU writers share their works at Caffeine

posted by bishan samaddar and pooja das sarkar 

Following the interaction between JU and ASU folk about possibilities of collaboration between the two universities, it was time to showcase some creativity. Later in the same day, at Caffeine, a popular coffee shop at Elgin Road, the ASU folk gathered with some spirited young writers and writing enthusiasts, mostly from JU, and shared their recent works.


Shubhodeep read three of his poems, and fellow poets felt that although some of them were a little academic, they were brilliant expressions of emotions nonetheless. Samrat’s poems also reflected the gritty yet romantic existence of young minds in urban
India. The poems of the immaculately dressed Inam Hussain (who read them out of his iPod) were very passionate, and very emotively recited. Melissa said they reminded her of Neruda, and Inam agreed that his poetry has been deeply influenced by the Latin American poet’s work. Darcy’s short creative non-fictional piece on ‘Banana the Goat’, written as a letter, was especially poignant. I thought the piece was very photographically visualized, and this brought us into the realm of discussing how poems and photographs work in similar ways. The reading was rounded up by Pooja’s story ‘The Relic’. Max said he liked the use of conflicting voices in the story, and everyone congratulated her on reading it so wonderfully. Discussions on Bangla poetry went on for a while, but it was evident that our friends from ASU were not always able to connect with this very specific conversation. But everyone pitched in with their general views on poetry and writing.


1 Response to “Readings over Coffee: ASU and JU writers share their works at Caffeine”

  1. 1 ladytramp January 25, 2007 at 10:38 am

    hey bishan,

    Love the way you’ve put the pics! Looks real good. Especially this one with subhodeep and the other one with just the paper and the coffee cup (not put up here) are great!

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